Property & Realty






Property Segment



One of the MHB’s core business is in the property and realty sector. With experience in property projects since 1976, several housing projects has been successfully completed by MHB across Perak, which includes low cost housing and shop lots.



The housing projects are located in areas such as Klebang, Sungkai, Terong, Slim River and Pengkalan Hulu.









Realty Segment


In realty sector, MHB owns and manages several commercial properties through office rental, shop lot rental and event rental in Ipoh located in Wisma MajuPerak, Silveritage and also Brewster Village.


Wisma MajuPerak which has been operated since 1987, houses several tenants from the government agencies such as Accountant’s General Department of Malaysia and Ministry of Home Affairs (Al-Quran Text Control Department).











Silveritage is a redeveloped retail area which offers an exciting mix of retail and food and beverages outlets that promote local produce, products and cuisines. It is in essence a commercial tourist hub for local entrepreneurs to sell their products and it will be a one-stop centre of sorts, not just arts, handicrafts and products. The redevelopment of Silveritage has been completed on 17 March 2017 and has started operations in January 2018.








Brewster Village has started its operation on 5 March 2016 and actively involved in hosting entertainment events such as weddings, corporate banquets, and birthday celebrations as well as offering Ramadhan buffet complete with a banquet hall, catering services, grooming, car park, and temporary accommodation.


The main convention hall is equipped with fully air-conditioning facility to ensure guests comfortness.