About us




MHB is amongst the leading contributors of the economic growth in Perak.  Since its inception in 1976, it has taken a significant role in the economic development in Perak.












To be a business leader in green and eco development.



To be the best performing Perak GLC.


MHB Group is now working towards its new 5-year business plan (2019-2023) by strengthening its core businesses and at the same time looking at the opportunity to diversify its businesses to create more sustainable revenue sources for the Group.


Throughout the years, the diversification of revenue-based business has provided the Group with diverse portfolios and ability to manoeuvre into new ventures. This leads to ideas to penetrate into strategic business and infrastructure market as means to further vary the business output to achieve its vision to be the business leader in Green & Eco Development.










Following its Strategic Direction for year 2019 - 2023, MHB also are looking into possibilities to expand its business profile, in addition to strengthen its foothold in its present core businesses: Energy, Property & Realty and also Asset & Infrastructure Management.



With these strategies in place, the Group is optimistic about the long-term prospects and are confident in realizing the potential of investments made so far.